Microwaveable Projects

Feb 27

In my tutorials for the potato cooker and the bowl potholder, I suggested using Warm Tater batting. I have learned the Warm Company no longer makes this product. You can see the article here.

While I have never encountered a problem, I have read some articles recently about the potato bags scorching or catching fire.

20121130-163653.jpgThe materials used to make these items are not fire-proof or flame retardant. As I said, I have not experienced a problem, but I wanted to make you aware of this issue.

I can’t tell you whether or not to use these things. That’s a decision you will have to make. I use the microwave bowl potholder frequently, but I never leave it unattended. I never leave my microwave unattended when it is in operation.

For the potholder, there are alternatives. And I will be posting a tutorial for one soon.


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  1. I used warm and natural for the batting. I’ve had no trouble with them. I think I use at least one of them everyday. I made numerous sets for Christmas gifts and no problems reported by any of the recipients. Thank you for the heads up.

  2. I was just about to make a bunch of these, planning to give them away as Christmas presents. I will be very interested in your potholder alternative!

    • lynda /

      Thanks. I am working on the prototype now and should have it available soon. I don’t want to scare everyone, because I have been using mine for over a year now with no problems. But it does appear to be an issue for some so I wanted to make you aware.

      • Maureen /

        Have you come up with a new prototype yet? I just saw something like this sold online and thought they would be easy to make. Thanks for the beautiful tutorial.

      • Would insulbrite (sp) work? It is used in potholders.

        • Someone just told me that insulbrite can be used in potholders, but not in microwaves because of a metalic content. Was not aware of that.

        • Doris /

          Insulbrite has aluminum in it and cannot be put in mic.

      • Kathy Smith /

        I was told to use 100 percent cotton batting and fabric to lower the risk of fire.

      • Teddie /

        Where do I find the instructions for the microwave bowl? I would love to make some of them for gifts.

  3. Sue Conz /

    Pellon makes a product called Wrap n’ Zap with a potato bag pattern on the wrapper.

  4. Connie Johnson /

    I just made two bowls and they turned out well. I used the Wrap-N-Zap by Pellon. I have not put it in the microwave yet. My question is about the thread. I used cotton wrapped polyester thread. Will that cause a problem? I know the fabric should be all cotton as the batting is. thanks.

  5. Carole /

    what is the size for a rectangular bowl pot holder

  6. Sharon Acker /

    Can you make these bowls different sizes? If so, are the darts made a different size?

  7. Clairellen /

    Everything needs to be 100%cotton–including thread.

  8. Virginnia /

    I found you on Pinterest. But like others above, where is the pattern for the microwave bowl potholder?

    Thanks very much

  9. I have used a tator bag for years and the only time I had trouble was when I used it a second time without allowing it to cool and dry! It did catch on fire in my microwave and I was standing there watching it when it happened. Now I use a second bag instead of re-using the first bag.

  10. Connie J /

    I have used Pellon Wrap-N-Zap that I get at JoAnn’s. I have made many bags as gifts and we use ours almost very day with no problem. Just remember to check every minute and stir, never use for more that two to three minutes, and cool in-between using.