XL Microwave Pot Holder

Mar 11

Before you begin this project, please read THIS update. (Added 2/27/2014)


A reader wrote to say she had made the microwave pot holder I posted last August. She loved it (Thanks!) but wanted to know if I have a pattern for larger bowls.

I have been working on one, and here it is. It will fit a bowl up to 10″ across. Plenty big enough for just about anything you want to do in the microwave.

The directions for making the pot holder are exactly the same. The only things that change are the dimensions.

Get the sewing directions HERE

You will need to change the following:

2 pieces of fabric, 14″ x 14″2 pieces of batting, 13″ x 13″

The other change is the size of the darts. The new dimensions are 3″ across, 2″ down. Here is a photo to show you how to use the the new measurements for the darts.


Here are some pictures of the new item. As always, contact me with any questions.




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  1. Terri Moore /

    I think I’m going to like your website. This is my first visit.