Microwave Bowl Pot Holder

Aug 13

Before you begin this project, please read THIS update. (Added 2/27/2014)


How many times have you burned your hands lifting a bowl from the microwave? Plenty, I would guess. I know I have.

Here is an easy-to-make solution. A microwave bowl pot holder. They are not only easy to make, they are a great stash buster.

Here are the directions. As always, contact me with any questions.

Supplies Needed:

  • 2, 10″ square pieces of fabric
  • 2, 9″ square pieces of batting*see note below*
  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Sewing Machine
  • *I recommend using “Warm Tater” batting. It has no additives or fillers. Some types of batting can catch fire in a microwave.*

This will make a pot holder for a normal size soup or cereal bowl, about 20″ in circumference.

Step One: Place the batting on the wrong side of the fabric. Draw lines across from each corner and each side. You will have a square with 8 wedges. Do this on both pieces.

Step Two: On the two side to side lines, you will create a dart on each side. the dart measures 1″ across and 2 1/2″ long. See the picture below. You will make 4 darts on each piece.

Step Three: Pin the batting to the fabric pieces and take them to the sewing machine. Sew all the lines then make the darts. Again, do this on both pieces. Now cut the excess fabric from the darts. This will keep it from being too bulky.








Step Four: Put the two pieces together, right sides facing each other. Sew around the square making a 3/8″ seam. Leave an opening to turn it right side out.

Step Five: Trim the seam at the darts. Clip almost to, but not through the seam. Turn right side out. Press all four sides.







Step Six: Top stitch near the edge all the way around. And you are finished. Beginning to end this project took me less than an hour, and that included stopping to take pictures. Here is the finished product.







Oh, and if you are not inclined to make these, I have some for sale in my Etsy Store.







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  1. I don’t understand step 5. Why would you turn it before clipping?

    • Oops. I said that wrong. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Of course you would trim the dart THEN turn right side out. I am so sorry for the goof. I am fixing it now.

  2. Nancy Leitner /

    I have made you pattern and love it. A friend of mine made hers with the pleat outside and uses that for the little grippers to pick up the bowl out of the microwave. I guess you can do it either way and it works wonderful. Thanks for the updated instructions for the larger bowl. I made one for an over bowl by measuring the sides and length and had to make two darts on the long sides and it works great. Thanks again for all your great ideas.

    • lynda /

      I’m glad you liked the pattern. Thanks for coming by Seams Happy. I hope you’ll visit again.

      • Hi, Lynda, Thanks so much for your fine pattern. I made about 50 microwave bowl potholders foe my church’s Christmas bazaar and we sold out in 20 minutes! I’m addicted to your pattern and constantly looking though my fabric stash for 10″ squares. Warm and natural batting works very well; I checked with the factory in my town and they said it is lighter weight than Warm and tater and certainly less expensive. Again, thanks for this great idea, Judi

    • Della /

      Do you have the measurements for the oval? I would love to make one.

      • lynda /

        Sorry, I have not made an oval. The regular and extra large are both round.

  3. Nancy Leitner /

    Sorry it should have been an OVAL bowl not an over bowl.

  4. Denise /

    Is it one inch on each side of the center point of the dart or are the marks placed at 1/2 inch of the center point of the dart?

    • lynda /

      Hi! Thanks for checking out Seams Happy. It is 1″ on each side of the center point.

      • Wow, now I have to through all the ones I marked today and redo them, spent all afternoon on them. Please be more careful and proof read your directions next time.

  5. Carol Solem /

    So glad that I found the pattern for the microwave bowl potholder on your site. I sent a previous email asking about using the 100% polyester batting for these potholders.

  6. I just made one of these..great tutorial, thanks! I used Warm n Natural batting; I hope that is safe.
    This will be perfect for holding a cold bowl of ice cream !

  7. Helen Pavlick /

    After burning my hand on a microwaved bowl I started looking for a pattern to make something just like this. Thank you so much. Many friends and family members will be receiving these!

  8. Coleen Smith /

    I am in the process of making one of these nifty microwave potholders. So glad to find directions. Thanks
    Do you by any chance have a tutorial on paper quilting regular flat potholders?
    Thanks again

  9. What a marvelous idea. Wish I had seen this before I bought a special microwave bowl at Wal-Mart. Thanks so much for sharing this with us.

  10. Thank you for the great tutorial and idea ! I had never heard of these useful little cozies before. I made one the other day and posted it to my blog with a link back to your page.

  11. Cher Vissers /

    Can you tell me where I can find Warm n’ Tater? Hobby Lobby used to carry , had it on back order for months, and were finally told that their company would no longer carry it. Nobody else carries it in my area. I was told that Warm & Natural now contains polyester.

    • It is difficult to find. Amazon has an alternative, Pellon Wrap-N-Zap. Here is a link to it. http://www.amazon.com/Pellon-Wrap-N-Zap-45-yard-package/dp/B00F8MRLBG/ref=pd_sim_sbs_k_1. It is also available at Joann’s.
      Walmart’s web site says Warm Tater is available in the store.
      When I Googled it, several web sites came up.
      I hope this helps you.

      • Ronna Christopherson /

        I just purchased the Warm and Tater batting at JoAnns a couple of weeks ago, (January 2015), so they still make it. Just harder to find. Planning on making these bowl cozies. I dislike trying to get a warm bowl of soup out of the microwave! Thanks for the tutorial!

    • Linda /

      I buy mine at Jo Ann Fabrics. I always wait for my 40% off coupons to help save a few bucks. ;o)

  12. Sharon /

    I followed all directions, used all cotton materials. Put it in the microvave for 25 seconds, smelled sometning burning and it was on fire. I suggest you test it before giving it as a gift.
    Any suggestions

    • Wow! I’m really sorry that happened to you. I have been using mine for over a year with no problems. I really don’t know what to say. I’m just glad you were close at hand to keep it from becoming worse.

    • Kristen /

      Was there a bowl of water or something else in the potholder, or was it alone? If there wasn’t anything to absorb the microwaves, it probably went straight to the natural fibers.

    • Sally /

      Make sure you wash your material first. Also make sure that your thread is all cotton. Good Luck.

      • Do you even wash the batting??

        • No, I use organic cotton batting. But it might not be a bad idea to rinse it in the sink. I wouldn’t put plain batting in the washer. It would probably fall apart.

  13. MarleneC /

    I belong to a sewing group where these were made and one person had hers scorch. She had used cotton thread, fabric and batting. The only way we could explain the scorch is that she had not prewashed her fabrics and they retained whatever is put on them after manufacture.

  14. Katie /

    Quick question- is the best way to wash them after using and they get soiled : wash gentle cold and shape with bowl to dry?

  15. Shirley Watters /

    I love making these microwave bowl pot holders. A friend turned me onto t them and now I am making several for Christmas gifts, my quesyion is can they be washed and how?

  16. Velia Lauerman /

    Make them with a draw string to fit any size bowl.
    Like a HotPotHolder. I call them KITCHEN QUILTS , Having
    1. FabricTOP ( appliqué, embroidered,printed etc. ) 2. Batting, 3.backing, 4.quilted, 5. Binding . ThankYou for the Great information. Especially the batting We sometimes are not aware of using to prevent burning & damage. Velia

  17. just made one, when I saw the pattern and thought this would be great, like someone else said I was tired of burning my fingers on hot bowls… Thanks for the opportunity to make this. Love it!

  18. Jeanette /

    I must be missing something. If the fabric is 10″ square, and the batting 9″ square, there is 1/2″ of fabric left around the edges. The directions say to stitch 3/8″ around the potholder, 3/8″ is not going to make a seam through all layers. Please clarify for me asap. I’m making a gift for someone today. Thanks.

  19. I have mad some of the 10″ ones but I would like to make aone for a larger bowl….what are the dimensions for the large bowl holder….thank you so much for sharing this tutorial .

  20. Cathie Paul /

    Do you prewash your fabrics before sewing?

  21. Sandi /

    I do not know where I have been for the last couple years but I just saw these bowl hot pads recently. I am making some for myself! For padding I am going to purchase some old worn towels at the thrift store. After laundering (no softener) I will test the flammability heating up a bowl of ?. Thanks for the pattern. I like the way your pattern is deeper fitting.


    i was told to use 100% cotton fabric n thread. is this true?

  23. LuAnne /

    can’t find these in your store to buy. Help please. The microwave bowl potholder is what I am talking about. Maybe you are just out? It says Not Found.

  24. Beth Christian /

    Could you use a couple of pieces of flannel in a pinch?

    • paula white /

      Yes. You sure can. Just make sure your flannel is the weight that you like, if it is thinner then add more layers.

      Also be sure the flannel in COTTON. And because flannel shrinks a lot it would be best to pre-shrink it before cutting.

  25. Paula White /

    I have made several of these. But I find that they become fluffy messes after they have been laundered. So I now always stitch multiple rows around the bowls after they are completed. Stitching rows 1/2″ apart all around the bowls makes them so much nicer.

  26. Sharon /


  27. Pat Shafer /

    You did a great job of explaining how to make these. They are great. I have made many and plan to make many more. Great gifts and easy.

    • Joanne /

      Is there a pattern for a coffee cup? My grandkids love hot chocolate and my cups get really hot in the microwave.

      • What a great idea! I’ll get back to you on that.

      • Peggy Finch /

        I made one that was one inch smaller than the original dimensions (9″ fabric, 8″ batting), and my 2 cup measuring cup fits in it. That might work for your mugs. I also made the darts a bit shorter – 2″ instead of 2 1/2 “.

  28. I am making several of these and found 100% cotton batting in a package for a queen bed at Hancock’s. Is there any quilted cotton that has 100% cotton batting? Thanks Mary

  29. Do you wash the materials of fabric before you start?

  30. thanks so much for sharing, would like to make some for Christmas presents

  31. To the lady whose bag caught fire……were you using the bag in a microwave/convection oven? I am using a batting called “wrap n zap” by Pellon and the instructions say not to use in those ovens as it can catch fire. I have, also read, not to microwave vegetables, i.e.: potatoe bag, longer than 2 minutes at a time, only at 2 min. intervals for the same reason and if you have a turntable in the microwave the bags must turn freely at all times. If you do not have a turntable then turn the bag over every 2 min. or the bag may scorch. The Pellon instructions say too shrink the batting first by soaking for 20 min. in hot water in the SINK, then rolling in a towel to remove excess water and hanging to air dry. With all of this “recent info” I’m starting to re-think if it is worth it………but will give it a try since I have all the materials and have prepared all the fabrics! ????

    • Good ideas. I usually wash my finished product before I use it. You might try that.

  32. Vickie /

    Can you use Insul-Bright in place of the batting?

    • I wouldn’t advise it. Insulbright has a metalic layer that could wreak havoc in your microwave.

    • Peggy Finch /

      Insul-brite is great for making regular potholders, casserole carriers, and many other items, but NOT for use in the microwave oven. I hope this helps. . .


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