Conferences and ADHD*

Jan 24

Conferences and ADHD*

*ADHD: attention deficit hyperactive disorder or attention distracted hopping dreamy or what was I talking about?*

I am so looking forward to BlissDom next month. There is a special knack to attending a conference when you have ADHD.

With ADHD, our thoughts can take flight like the hot air balloons in the picture. We are easily distracted, and we’re lucky if our attention span is more than 2 or 3 minutes. Even when the content is deeply engrossing, the brain will just take off.

In my years of attending conferences and workshops , I have learned a few tricks that help.

  1. Be prepared. Know as much as you can about the conference you are attending. Know what they will be covering. BlissDom has done a great job of letting us know not only the topics, but who is speaking.
  2. Know what you want to accomplish. Lists are always helpful. Are there people you especially want to meet? Are there specific questions you want answered? Have them written down so you won’t forget. This should be a fluid list, adding questions as you attend sessions. The discussion in a group usually leads to more questions for me.
  3. Be good to yourself. I like to sit somewhere around the outside of the room. If I get too restless I can stand or walk around without bothering too many people. Wear comfortable clothes so you’re not distracted with a too tight collar or shoes or whatever. Get a good night’s rest.
  4. Take Notes. I find I can remember what’s said better if I write notes. It also helps me stay focused. I like pen & paper, but you may be an electronics kind of person. Do whatever works for you.

What tips have you found useful when attending conferences or workshops? Let’s see how many ideas we can get.

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  1. Great post, Lynda! I think your tips apply to anyone with anxiety disorders and even plain-old shyness, too.

    My making the most of your conference post was inspired by my attempts to plan and organize my goals and expectations for BlissDom because, like you, I get more out of training, conferences and other events when I have clear goals in mind.

    The tips I shared in my post are the result of quite a few conference experiences that left me feeling too overwhelmed to get much out of the conference. I’ve always walked away with something, of course, but I’ve often looked back and considered how I might improve my experience next time.

    Thanks for sharing these tips!


    • Chrysta, thanks for reading and commenting. Only 19 days! My anxiety level is rising but I am learning to channel those emotions into positive actions.