Make Your Own Swiffer Duster Tutorial

Apr 05

Make Your Own Swiffer Duster Tutorial

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Disposable dusters used to be a staple in our home. Dusting with a rag was tough on my allergies. Too often I would have to take a benedryl to stop the itching.   I hated throwing them away and I was concerned about what was in and on them.

A friend gave me one of the refills to use as a template so I could make it myself.  I wanted a replacement I could throw in the washer with my other cleaning rags and would fit in tight spaces like entertainment cabinets.

After some flops and adjustments, here’s what I came up with.   The genius is how easy it is to put together.  This should take no longer than 30 minutes, cut time included.  And they can be made from just about any fabric.  Look in your fabric store’s remnant bin.  It doesn’t take a lot.  Or pick up old tshirts or towels at a thrift store. And of course, old cloth diapers always make good rags!

This demonstration duster cost me 50¢ to make with flannel from a remnant bin and it will last just about forever.  A box of say, 10 Swiffer refills runs about $12.00.  That’s $1.20 each.  Let’s say you use 2 per week, 52 weeks a year, that $124 a year.  50¢ versus $124.    Earth-friendly is also purse-friendly!

How To Make A Reusable Duster

You will need:

1/2 yard fabric (such as flannel, microfiber, old t-shirts, polar fleece*)
Duster handle


Cut 4 pieces 0f fabric 8″ x 7″
Cut 4 pieces of fabric  5″ x 7″
*If you use the polar fleece, just use two 8×7 pieces and two 5×7 pieces.


Make a “sandwich” with your pieces.  Put the 4  8×7 pieces in the middle.  On each side, place 2  5×7 pieces down the middle.  It will look like this.
Sew straight up the middle.  You will be sewing through 8 layers.

Now, lay the “sandwich” flat on your table.  Fold the 2 small pieces to the other side.  Place the prong end of the handle on the fabric along the stitch line, lining it up with the bottom.  Draw a line along the outside edge of the prong.  Leave the little bump spaces unmarked.  Mark across to the middle where the prongs end.  Fold the small pieces back over and repeat this.


Now sew on the marked lines, leaving the bump spaces open.  This will help hold the duster to the handle.  When you reach the top of your line, turn the fabric and sew up to, but not over, the middle.

Now lay the duster flat and cut strips up to, but not through the handle pockets.  Make the strips about 1/2″ in all layers.  Don’t worry about being precise.  But I will say this is one time that more is better.  Don’t make the strips too wide.  Smaller strips will pick up more dust.


Now put the duster on your handle and dust away!  I usually spray with a little furniture cleaner that I make.  Here is the recipe, as well as how to make other natural cleaners.   And when you are through dusting,  just throw it in the washer.

Here are some I have made from different materials.

Made from my hubby's old t-shirt.

Polar Fleece



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  1. Do you sell these?

    • No, but there are several shops on who do have the dusters and the floor pads. Thanks for stopping by.


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